Buffelhorn Brille Optik Kaepernick wiesbaden Handgefertigte Brillen b700

Jede Büffelhorn-Brille ist einmalig - keine gleicht der anderen !


leicht - stylish - exclusive - natural

The design is made for young people by age and young people by mind, who dont care for big brands.
They care for understatement and high class quality known to only experts.

SLIM frames - very lightweight bufalo horn frames that give maximum comfort to the wearer. The weight is around 12-15 grams, including the lenses!

Our high class "Mammut" frames are made of 100 % Siberian Mammoth tusk. This around 40.000 years old material gives you the most exclusiv touch in eyewear.

Our laminated "Bufalo" frames are stylish and give you a good feeling for fashion in todays eyewear.

Our "Bufalo" frames are made for smart people with a sense for high class material and exclusive colours.
Every frame has its own structure in bufalo horn. No frame has the same colour and structure of the horn material.